The point of this site…

The whole purpose for this website is to give you, the person currently reading this, a general overview of things I do, for example; paintings I’ve done or are currently being ‘done’, little bio about me, some of the things I’ve worked on, how much me hav learNed at the big skools AKA University and College. That’s right I’m in a lot of student debt!


Also some more personal or word type things like long diatribes over the fact that Scooby Doo and his idiot pals are always convinced that they’re being haunted rotten by ghouls or chased by spectral beings with very obvious agendas, despite the fact it isn’t a ghoul, it’s never a monster, it’s not a soul trapped between the world of the living and dead. No, it’s always someone dressed up in a suit. Scoob mate, just stop for one moment and ask yourself ‘is this yet another monster who wishes to cause us ill or is it a scumbag with some con going on?’ also he’s using a scary costume to

  1. create fear and panic
  2. hide his true identity
  3. nefariously profit from something

seeing as that’s always¬†the case you can drop the whole investigation aspect, and running carelessly from room to room. Pull the guy’s disguise off, eat your Scooby snacks and piss off in your dumb looking hippy van.