Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Demo Preview


I have a soft spot for DragonBall Z, ever since I broke my ankle back in secondary school, I discovered and then watched pretty much every episode in the period where my ankle sluggishly healed itself. So of course I’d enjoy the video game versions of it! Well Budokai 2 was fantastic and I played it to death, couldn’t really be bothered with the third one and the Tenkaichi series rubbed me the wrong way, I preferred the classic one on one fighting game set up of Budokai and found the camera and controls of Tenkaichi to be problematic. So this ‘Battle of Z’ game must be a traditional fighting game ay? Nope it isn’t, so initially I was put right off.

However, I noticed the game had just been released so I thought I’d get the old Vita out and download the demo and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s like Monster Hunter, BLEURGHH! *spit* spit* Well it is a tiny little bit, but in a way that makes sense. There’s an emphasis on battle royale type fights, rather than one on one. It plays surprisingly well and looks pretty good for a vita game. I played through the demo and enjoyed what I saw, so just before I deleted it forever I gave the multiplayer stuff a go, I’m really not a fan of multiplayer anything but on I went. It seems pretty good so far, you team up with 3 other people and then throw yourself into a single player mission, but co-op this time and it works as it should but these were really early on missions, thus they were incredibly easy so really where I see this game working is playing hard missions in co-op to defeat bosses and hopefully they let you ratchet up the difficulty to suit your play style, I think you could get some interesting challenge out of the game at harder difficulties especially when you have different fighters having different classes, like Gohan was a support class who could heal people. It’s that sort of game, of course everyone was playing as Goku but that’s okay too.

The game has a lot of potential and I look forward to playing more when I get the full game next week. So look forward to talk of ability cards and energy sharing soon.