GAME SLiME is out now!


GAME SLiME is a mini zine based on video game stuff.

GAME SLiME contains 6 mini pages (8 if you count the back and front cover) of reviews, drawings, photoshops and just stuff…like game things.


Issue number one is out right now, complete with a Sims 4 review by Johnny Steamkey which may or may not actually represent the final game whatsoever. Game related celeb tweets which may or may not be legitimate, I’ll have to check with Johnny on that. Some other dumb stuff and genuine reviews of REAL games like Spud’s Quest and Blackwell series.

GAME SLiME is completely homemade by one person (not counting Johnny Steamkey) , using glue, paper clips, old pens, tin foil and rabbit paws (which are attached to live rabbits, they’re totally into GAME SLiME this is a cruelty free zine) and then printed all nicely with a printer on paper…with ink. It’s also non-profit, GAME SLiME covers it’s costs and any money made from sales goes right into the next issue!

Please support this zine so more zines can flourish until infinite zines are created and everything is made from zines.

For a LIMITED time, GAME SLiME comes printed on day-glo paper and comes with a FREE sticker all for £2.50! Through the sister GAME SLiME site HERE

Through the GAME SLiME etsy.

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Upcoming Content

I’ve finally got around to purchasing the follow up to Corpse Party, Corpse Party: Blood Drive which is apparently more of a spin off, although I’ve heard it’s a direct sequel, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

The original Corpse Party game is fantastic and you can read the review here. Unlike the first game Blood Drive is a first person game not a top down game.

I’ve also decided to create a Zine, so far it’s going to be really simple because I don’t have much in the way of creating nice looking prints or what have you. Anyway, I have ordered paper, pens, rulers, scalpels and printer ink. I’m going to include little game reviews, illustrations and other game related stuff. Eventually I’d like to get other people to offer up stuff to put in the zine, comic strips, drawings, poems etc. For now it’s gonna be a solo project just to get the actual zine creation process down. I just want it to be a fun thing to look at. I really love zines, especially Will Laren’s work Slurricane and the Nightwatch zine, amongst others. They’re just interesting to flick through.

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Late to the Party: PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: 29 November 2013
Initial Price: £349.99


I guess I’m not terribly late to the party on this one but I didn’t get a PlayStation 4 at launch, mainly because there was nothing I was interested in game wise at launch. I was more than happy with my more than capable PC that can play games at 60 frames per second and in 1080p, so Sony spouting the very same capabilities with the PS4 wasn’t much of a selling point, especially since I’d be handing over three hundred and fifty notes for the honour of doing so.


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Spud’s Quest – Review


When I was a kid I would frequent (live at) my local video rental
place and one day a game caught my eye, it was a Dizzy game for the
mega drive, the box was incredible. Here’s this egg swinging from a
vine (any children reading, before vine was a short-video creation
tool for racial stereotyping and stop animation, it was a long rope
made naturally from plant life which Tarzan would swing from to save a
blonde woman in the jungle) looking all determined and capable, this
was years and years before video game mascots looked sick of life,
full of wistful ennui, already bored at the adventure ahead of them,
smug arseholes they are. This guy is ready to get amongst it, he’s
ready to get to the top of this cloud castle and kick seven shades of
shite out of whatever is in his way. The box art relayed to me this
game was a world of adventure, never ending possibilities and
challenges. I wanted this game.


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